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2014 Oil Spill & Swap Meet
Don't forget to sign up for our Swap Meet - clean out your closets, garages, basements, under your bed - whereever you have extra Ducati parts that no longer fit your bike. Bring them out, bring a tent and a table, and try to raise some cash for new carbon fiber parts.

Time to shake off the cobwebs, plug in the battery chargers, and get ready for the riding season. Bring out your Ducati (or Ducati based bike) for some do-it-yourself maintenance under the guidance of Ducati-trained mechanics.

This year's Spill will be held on Saturday, April 5th, in conjunction with our Swap Meet, at European Cycle Services in Middletown, NY. It is open to the public and all are invited. Lunch will be available for purchase.

This is your opportunity to perform all the basic maintenance you neglected or aren't sure how to do. There will be plenty of trained mechanics to help. Change your oil (no spills, please), adjust your suspension, tighten your belts, lube your chain, bleed your brakes, chop your tail, install your bling, and do any other projects that time permits. Have a new bit and unsure how to get it on your bike? Over the years, we've installed frame sliders, chains, exhaust systems, wheels, tires, brakes, and so much more.
This is a do-it-yourself event. There will be plenty of guidance, but this is a do-it-yourself event.
This year, the Oil Spill will be featuring Motorex 10W-40 full synthetic oil for motorcycles along with K&N oil filters. You do not need to purchase oil from us to change your oil at this event. This is simply done as a convenience for those who may have trouble transporting a gallon of oil on a motorcycle. You may also purchase additional amounts of oil or filters, to bring (or ship) home for future use. We also have a limited supply of rear sprockets for sale. Please visit our shop for details and fitment availability.

Admission: NO COST
4 quarts of oil: $48
1 filter, 1 drain and 1 screen plug crush washers: $12

All oil purchases must be in multiples of 4 quarts.

Please let us know your bike's year and make (so we can order the right washers for your bike) and what maintenance you want to perform (so we can ensure the right tools are on hand).

Please contact us with any questions: desmo@desmoducati.org

1. Click the Send Money tab at PayPal
2. In the Recipients Email box put the DESMO ID
   The DESMO PayPal ID is: ---> desmo@desmoducati.org
3. Put the Total Amount to send:

    4 quarts of oil: $48
    1 filter + 2 washers: $12

4. Choose goods (other) in the "Category of Purchase" box
5. In the Subject field type "DESMO Oil Spill"
6. In the Note field specify name, bike year/make, products you're purchasing and service you're performing.
7. Click on the Continue button to check you order.
8. Click the Send Money button to complete your order.

Open a Paypal account at www.paypal.com

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