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DESMO Ride Guidelines

Below are the basic club guidelines for our rides. We don't go rule crazy, as each rider is responsible for their own ride.

We can't stress enough that you should ride at YOUR own pace and within YOUR skill levels. Pushing to keep up with a superior rider is foolish. No one can make you ride over your head, only YOU can do that. NO ONE in our group gets a trophy at the end of the day. So, that said, no one on our rides is the 5th wheel or slowing the group down. You are riding at your own pace and the leader of the group will wait for you. You will not be laughed at or ridiculed, you MAY get some pointers, you WILL meet great folks and see some terrific scenery.

The rides are open to all that want to come. We usually post up a meeting place and anyone who shows up is in, even some fellow at the gas station on a Suzuki who has no one to ride with. The other members even bought him lunch. Come on out for a ride, and if you don't like it, peel off and head for home. Hasn't happened yet and I doubt it ever will.


Guidelines for DESMO Rides

 DESMO rides are spirited rides with emphasis on safety and fun!

  1. Proper full body protective riding gear is STRONGLY SUGGESTED! Dress for the RIDE AND for the SLIDE.

  2. Ride at your own pace and skill level – The lead rider of your group will always wait at end of road, intersection or direction change for the tail end (sweep rider) of group to catch up before heading off again. If the group gets away from you, DO NOT ride beyond your limits to catch up. The group will wait.

  3. Rides with larger than 8-10 riders may be broken up into multiple groups – A lead rider and sweep rider will always be designated. New riders will be placed in the middle of the group.

  4. Before starting the ride, the group as a whole will discuss the following:
    a. Route – Lead rider will inform the group as to planned route along with describing type of road and conditions to expect.
    b. Pace – Will be discussed at the beginning of a ride. Ride your own.
    c. Skill levels – Discuss in open whether group should be divided into smaller groups for different skill levels or desired pace.
    d. Hand Signals and Etiquette – Repeat any signals from the rider in front of you to any riders behind you.
    e. Riding Formation –Good following distances will be discussed; allow "buffer zone". Staggered formation allowing for lead        rider to see rider behind him/her and for that rider to see behind them.
    f. Buddy System – Keep an eye out for the rider(s) behind you. If you suddenly don’t see rider behind you slow down to wait for them to catch up or if necessary flag lead rider(s) to slow down and wait for sweep rider to inform you of situation.

  5. All riders are encouraged to speak up if the pace is to quick. DESMO rides are not races!
    Everyone is expected to have fun and to ride home in one piece. No one gets left behind!

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