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The Vu Files


In the Beginning....

Hey! I stumbled on to your Ducati site here on Yahoo. I'm mid-town Manhattan. This is a "true" Ducati group right? You can tool
right? I was wondering when you'd be going out on a large meet or a circuit in the near future. I'm from europe.

Thanks in advance,
Brian Danan 996-STS[no plate]
nick-named Vu.

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Cool, I have people in Yonkers on Broadway. Know your local. I went out after work this evening. As said, I'm plate-less. I run a non- legal but w/European papers. She's yellow 2001. I've been in the neighborhoods - work traffic only time. I run solo for obvious reasons -plate-less-ness. Cool. I need to ride a circuit and had one back home [low key]. Bike is itching. I can't run a group in city/road. Risk. Plate. I am accustomed to heavy traffic, congestion and pollution. No cops in traffic. Born on a Ducati. But do not need to make bad on a 'legal' cool group of guys because [1] of us [me] is running no-plate. Cool. My papers [when stopped and questioned] clear up the bike but US still gives no plates. It's even insured [EuroAssurance].

Cool, need a circuit to run on. Where? Distance from 5th Ave [51] to circuit, give heavy traffic directions and area after that is very knee touching. Need the work out [a safe one]. I will die. My bike too. Cool.


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Salute Fred,

Cool. Half NYC =plates. I count [10] ten screw drivers in my kitchen here in Manahattan. Vu=no. I am not Game-Boy. Appreciate your emotions. Run 'misuse plate' worse than no plate at all. My plate -my home plate is French [department 75] but we do NOT run metal in France on Cafe style. We run tape/adhesive backing markers. US Cops not cool. I do run safe not maniac. I need a course. My job has me for one [1] year in US. I come from Morocco [origin].

Solo. Not too interesting tooling with road group but equates as fun for wind-face-sun. Cool. I train. Need
cicuit/speed/practise/line and tune. US dead on speed. We do not splat in Europe. We have experience. Here=AUTOMOBILE clueless/cut-off/never look/dangeous. Need circuit. Practise. I live on Ducati for 10 years. I do gym for my ride. I am an I.P. international lawyer.

Help me with lines. 100-500 metres, open, gradual curved NO bridges, soft rubber -heavy side/side [200-230+ kph]. Safe. Will ride 2hr to arrive at good local if good course [not 2/hr@100kph- so map it]. Circuit/course competition/club event competition. Rode w/two NYC since May. Dropped off. Can't hold lines. Ducati people. Nervous. Looking way ahead not in their minds. Not tight. Now I'm solo.

In advance,
ibn Danan
as Vu

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Cool. I have read your entire forum this evening. I -read- fast. You have many good riders and allot happening in June-July on
circuits. I have all that is needed to US standard for competition under experienced amtr. 160K races- good for blood and small tanks.

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Thank you Rob.  I am a rain-warrior and like my ride out and loose.  Let me hope for rain at these events.  I ride 140 days a year in very wet ...and dry is too linear for my gear.


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I do not understand this question. Could you clarify this question or reply? I read through your threads. I feel that the rider in question is a fair weather rider, [no rain intentions, no commute obligations using the moto, club events, pleasure hipo cuising]. I have used both sport and race version on both my Ducati motocycles, as well as Conti. I can obtain a good price for the Michelin Race. Compound is excellent and ride is very satisfying. Though a 'race' by brand name the 'Race' is not a race tire but a good hipo compound with 5% higher usage than that of the Sport. Braking will improve dramaticly with Race.

Vu/ibn Danan

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There are two distinct different schools of application in tire terminology when viewing 'Race and Race Sport by Michelin and these again are not real racing tire compunds but rather racing tire angular shaping. Michelin addresses these issues on 'compound' with their higher performance version called RACE



The RACE model is the model I prefer not the RACE SOFT. I can get 7,000 kilometres of HARD riding out of them.

Your comment on "a Club Rider" within the "club" would not be willing to "push" to a limit of a racer?

If you purchase a motor worth the price of a hipo car I think the question has already been addressed. The RACE Michelin is not a slick, nor a [classic] soft compounded [low wear] ALL-OUT tire for the track...it is simply a 45 degree angled belt design adding a nicer side-to-side on a 996S or 700 series Ducati. It can evac water and ride rough terrains and pavements. Excellent braking, excellent.

A cheap brand-X tire on an average Joe-Hoe motor I would as well recommend replacing a front along with a rear each time needing a rear [even if the front was still 50%]. It is a general recommendation on safety for those who ride over 90kph over a full season. If your riders are the 90-110kph types, allowing 200 metres to slow, easy acceleration and wide easy cornering...please strike my remarks on the needed replacement front tire. I have to remember that in europe we have different speeds, conditions and needs. We also ride the RACE [non-soft] in our groups 5 months of the year and 30% of the 5 months it is raining with temps [15-20c 58-68F]. We also pay 250% more for tires in France then USA. Wear is +5% between Sport version and Race [non soft] version.

Vu/ibn Danan

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Cool, Appreciate your emotions.

Question, a Vu Question= have you rode on Race [non-soft] version? If you have not I gave a complete summary in this thread on the RACE Michelin definition and HOW NOT they are a real racing compound. [DOT]

These tires [Race] are of a 45 degree design in a "sport" performance compound.

To simplify: RACE [non-soft] warm extremely fast, brake extremely well and the 'roll-up' on lean in is VERY rewarding and controllable. Cool. RACE is just a word Michelin uses to give definition to a SPORT tire with 45 degree ply angles vs. 70-75 degree.

No- you will not burn-up the RACE [non-soft] prematurely if rode in same manor as Sport and in many instances due to a cleaner 'centre-line' on [Race] you could get better wear and 'control' and braking by USA habits and speeds.

I have had [6] six sets RACE and [2] two sets of Sport plus Conti and a few other brands in two years on both my 916 and 996. I ride allot, a very much-allot -all conditions and all temps. I ride rain like you cut your lawn grasses - carefully.

How are your chains?



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1998 Article = Old News

Quote from Old Article: "Sport are laid at 75 for an "ideal balance between cornering and stability." When the Silicium is combined with the Radial Delta technology, the Sport tires are supposed to offer grip almost equal to that of the Race tire until heat build-up causes the Sport tire's adhesion to fall off more than that of the Race."

Totally useless Bill. Beat a dead horse and gets even harder to pick up. This is OLD poop...OLD. 1999 on 1998 tires=Math 3.5 year old techology. I said Race [non soft] not soft. The tires tested here were of one version at that time, Race Soft.

Cool. I too can search 3 and four year old articles and pick out neat stuff of CBX600 and cool.

I'll do myself a favor. I'll ride my Race [non-soft] lean as I do, brake like a monster and read recent data on new equipment. Tires are the only contact with you and the machine. We are huge on this technology in europe and always a major discussion between forums there.

How are your chains?



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How about shit for ?

I read since on this forum,

"My visor broke a bug hit my forehead."

"This guy on the 748S was the best....he strapped two cam-corders to his bike...."

"...our guys don't run slick race...but I would say...."

"I speak for...."

I love you people. You're nice. You're technologically very informed, just can't read latest info when approached on a day-to-fact question. You are nice touring people. "How are your chains" is an expression we have in Europe. Cool. I appreciate reading you and examining how humble and nice you are. You have good Italian machines but you have money. You buy good machines but can't sometimes buy good visors, tires and equipment and you meet often at coffee houses. Cool. Enjoy the American culture. You're very nice people.

I ride alone, find a couple riders who invest in good head gear, ride in leathers and good outter wear and can take technology a bit futher than Starbucks and Route what-ever. I live on my bike, I've rode with many good rider in Europe and I take my ride and my technology way beyond decaf.


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How about shit for? Cool.

I read since on this forum

"I beat up every assailant ..."

"I dropped my bike without moving and scratched mirror..."

"The $300 clutch cover is fucking rad..."

"Where is the Ear again?"

I love you people. You're nice. You're technologically very informed, and can't find bars after many directions. You like to spend money on screws and guns and take movies to ride. Cool. Nice touring people with good Italian machines and money to light it on fire and urinate.

I ride alone, find a couple riders who invest in good head gear and can ride to scratch mirrors from lean angle. I do not use my bike as the water closet. Cool. You ride straight and watch television to see what turns looks like.

I appreciate reading you and examining how humble and nice you are. How's your chains is is an expression we have in Europe. More American is how is your BBQ? I take my technology way beyond hamburger.

Enjoy the American culture. You're very nice people.


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